Bobbins - Nylon

When you need strength and durability, use our #69 nylon bobbins which are suitable for indoor applications. Bonded nylon thread, size 69,  has 3 plies, a tensile strength of 11 lbs., a yield of 6,000 yards per pound, and is rated Govt. size E. This thread is made in the U.S.A. and meets all specifications for automotive, furniture, and industrial use. Our High-Spec Bonded Nylon Thread size 69 is twisted and bonded with dependable consistency of quality and color from a Q-1 (Ford) & QS 9000 rated mill. We recommend needle size 22 for this thread. For your needles, see our sewing machine needle category. Our #69 bonded nylon G bobbins contain 36 yards of thread, M bobbins contain 44 yards of thread, and A bobbins contain 31 yards of thread each. For matching thread, see our Thread-Nylon category.