Bobbins - Sunguard

Our #92-G Sunguard polyester bobbins are suitable for outdoor use. Sunguard, size 92, has 4 plies, a tensile strength of 14, a yield of 4,600 yards per pound and is rated Govt. size F. This UVR bonded polyester thread is made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality polyester available. Sunguard size B92, also known as size 16, is twisted and bonded and has colors formulated to match the most popular acrylic fabrics from Sunbrella and OEM automotive vinyls. The recommended needle size for this thread is 22. For needles, see our sewing machine needle category. #92 UVR bonded polyester G bobbins contain 25 yards of thread each. For your matching thread, see our category Thread-Polyester (Sunguard).